About Dr. Felicia Clark

Dr. Felicia Clark is a leading body image coach formerly represented by Ford Models, Inc. As a plus-size model, she modeled for Just My Size, Richard Simmons, Jones New York, several designers and appeared in multiple magazines.
         Dr. Clark is also a math curriculum developer who writes math books and standardized test items for school children. She combined her curriculum developer skills with her inside knowledge of the beauty industry to develop a curriculum on how women overcome body shame - which over 90% of women feel. Her body image journal is sold in over 120 countries and is in the top 25% of Amazon's 25 million books. Dr. Clark is an inductee to the Best Seller Academy and was nominated for College Speaker of the Year.
        Dr. Clark regularly comments on body shame culture and wrote for HuffPost.

Highlights from Felicia's modeling career.
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